wood burning fire.

25 Apr

i’ve decided to take the bold step and admit that i need some help getting by here. and why not – labor is cheap and it creates employment for those who would (maybe) otherwise not have a job.

so i have hired a maid to come daily 7 – 9 am as well as a  handyman person to help with odd jobs.  these wonderful people are all  in addition to making use of the building’s amazing caretaker named tapas.

however, the most exciting news is that i have hired a laundry-man! since i am the main laundress in my house in canada (let’s face it, boys can’t fold) – this is a seriously amazing development. so friday night i gave away 16 pieces of clothing to my new laundry-man with a promise to return them washed, dried and ironed by sunday night.

it is with extreme glee that i announce their return:

this literally makes me want to cry with happiness.

they were so perfectly folded and ironed that i couldn’t believe that all this was done without the use of traditional laundering utilities. we’re talking a bucket, a rock and a wood burning fire here people.

so everything has worked out perfect – except for one thing.  in my infinite wisdom i didn’t realize that when your clean clothes are dried by a fire they…um…smell like a fire.

so for the next year it will kinda be like i’m camping. all the time.

3 Responses to “wood burning fire.”

  1. Barnet April 25, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    A proper little Ms. Raj aren’t we? Still I suppose you did go there to help the economy.
    Keep on with your positive outlook and attitude.
    It’s great following your imperialist adventures.
    Hi to Juan Carlo and family.
    You will be excited to hear I have given to spelling police the day off.
    All the best from the (!) part of your family.

  2. Hannah April 25, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    Dear Al – Money cannot buy happiness. Only smoky jeans.

    I went through a little cycle with this. Excited to pay everyone to do my work. Then I hit the point where I realized that I could save money and do some things myself. You’ll find your happy place.

  3. Susan April 26, 2011 at 12:04 am #

    You are awesome, I love this blog!! You are so funny!! and BRAVE!!!!! Holy moly….Keep writing, I love reading this stuff!!! Sounds like you are making out quite nicely. Way to go!!!

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