time for tea. for you, and me.

20 Apr

i am working on great surprises for you, o blogosphere of loyal followers and procrastinators of work, but until i can secure a wireless connection in my new apartment (your eyes do not fail you – yes, new apartment!) you will have to patiently wait.  and in this case, waiting means putting up with some less flashy musings.

one thing that has been driving me batty, is the fact that I can’t get all up in people’s faces with cameras. (did you think i’d mention something real – like the people or the food? nope.)

so it would be weird, right, that as i’m negotiating and signing my rent agreement i stop everyone in the middle of everything and say “HALT. these proceedings are pure ridiculousness, i must photo-document them for my esteemed blog followers’ pleasure! say cheese!”

point being, lots of crazy shit has been happening and pictures are hard to come by.

(further example: this morning we rode a rickshaw (human) from the hotel to the office with my 2 big suitcases, 2 briefcases, me perched precariously in a skirt and heels – poor wardrobe choice, by the way – and mr. s.  do a few quick calculations in your head, ie. carry the 1, divide by 3.14, and no matter how you cut the cake you will see that that is too much cargo for one rickshaw. wish i had a picture, partly because it was piled insanely high, but mainly because i looked like a moron in my skirt. what’s wrong with me.)

anyway, the point of this rambling post is to let you know about a wonderful phenomenon in countries like india: the office boy.

the office boy is a truly god-like person.  he fetches you water, he cleans up after you, he gets you work-related items such as glue sticks, and best of all – he brings you tea.

and we’re not just talking about regular run of the mill tea.  we’re talking about oompa-loompa-sized cups of chai-infused goodness.  the cups may be tiny, but the taste is out of this world.  milky, sugary, caffine-y – he comes three times a day with tray in hand,  smile on face.

i have come to look very forward to him each day and his tea tray. i am growing more grateful with every passing moment that my consumption of this drink is core to his success at work.

so, while this post is about many things, it’s mainly about my love for this office boy (theoretical, not literal – calm down) and his wonderful tiny cups of tea.

now if only I had a picture.


3 Responses to “time for tea. for you, and me.”

  1. Hannah April 20, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    You shall make besties with the office boy and have lots of pictures of the wonderful gifts he brings you. Like glue sticks. And tea.

    I’ve been telling ALL of my Indian students about you. Their first reaction is “KOLKATA? Oh god.” No, this is not a joke. It really is their first reaction. Then they all go into speeches about how you REALLY need to be safe, and not just play safe but like, don’t mess with safety. I told them that I trust you and you’re hollywood-eske so that should save your life if you’re ever in peril.

    Then then tell me that you should go places. Mostly from where they’re from. Today my student told me all about the southern tip of India. She said the mountains down there are the most beautiful places you can go because its where the tea grows and it’s the most beautiful smell in the world.

    My student yesterday told me you also need to see the Indian Himalayas.

    The point of this being, I talk about you to EVERYONE. I’ve told 4 new people about you today and its only 11:56. Maybe I just need a life.

  2. ica April 20, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    This office boy you speak of sounds wonderful!! I want one! Tea on trays, glue sticks… What more could a girl ask for. Hanna is right befriend this boy and take photos of his gifts he brings you. Sounds like a good day when he comes a callin!

    NEW APARTMENT! I for sure need pictures of this and pictures of the location around this apartment ! I need to be sure your safe langille!

    You need internet as I need a skype date oh so soon!

    Love ya!!

  3. Jan Michelin April 21, 2011 at 2:53 am #

    Allie; Make sure you take lots of notes on his tea making so you can re-create this when you return. It sounds utterly wonderful!!!

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