favorite things.

8 Apr

ok, honesty time. so…here it is, i’m just going to lay it out there for the world to see: boys break things.

how do i know this, you ask instinctively? did i grow up with several bushy haired, loud older brothers? did my cousins break my dolls and other toys (mostly variations of dolls) during my childhood? or perhaps my nephew, is he a tyrant?

well no.  no brothers as a child, lovely cousins and my nephew is 2 months old so i guess he’s exempt. (not exempt from cuteness though – oh snnnap!)

charlie, cuddling with his fav uncle

ok, back on topic. so where oh where does this “boys break things” instinctive instinct come from, you wonder?

perhaps, just perhaps, this wild opinion has come from living with my significant other for the last three years.

oh calm down, you know i think he’s pure bliss, but when it comes to things – i.e. stuff, possessions, kitsch – the bliss gets a little less….bliss-y.

simply put – he doesn’t particularly care for things the way i do. or as some may say, he likes the distressed look. a cause for concern when he’s about to spend 12 months alone with my – i mean our – stuff.

so i figure that by proclaiming the things i desperately hope make it through this next year unscathed, maybe my partner in crime might take note. so here goes.

thing 1: teacups
lord knows i love a good cup of tea, that’d be the britishness talking.  each of these beauties have come from family, so hopefully his man-paws don’t break them.

tea for two

thing 2: pyrex
last summer i developed an addiction to vintage pyrex bowels.  cut to consort and i trapsing all over southern ontario antique shops looking for the perfect mixing bowls, and here they are.  stay safe, little ones.

they nest!

beauty blue

thing 3: bookshelf
ok clearly i don’t expect him to break an entire bookshelf, so this is more about…misplacing.  i spent an obnoxious amount of time color coordinating (yes, color coordinating, get over it) my books. and anyone who knows me, knows how seriously i take my books.  i’m saying a tiny tiny prayer for them.

a small snapshot of books x 1,000

thing 4: blue plate wall
as many know, we moved into a 1890s house last spring.  i knew i wanted to do a throwback plate wall of some description, and here is the result.  after months of collecting these puppies, i hope they remain in place for the coming months.

love color

so there you have it – the before shots. let’s see how this all plays out in a year, or if this post is goodbye – and ode, if you will – to my sweet favorite things.


2 Responses to “favorite things.”

  1. Will Sitch April 8, 2011 at 11:57 pm #

    Allie, I’ve subscribed with Google Reader. So when I’m scrolling through today’s news you can imagine I was a little freaked out when I saw Charlie. I thought “no way some other baby looks exactly like Charlie”. Then I thought “They stole a picture of him. I’m going to sue”.

    Good thing we know you. No lawsuit.


    ps. Shouldn’t you be on a plane?

    pps. Shouldn’t you be more worried about Ben tearing off the antenna and hoisting a pirate flag?

  2. Hannah April 9, 2011 at 2:56 am #

    Love that you’re commenting daily. I’m stalking you and I am expecting big things lady. Big. HUGE.

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